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ODF Team Wins the Bid of Colombo Port City Duty-Free Operator



Colombo, Sri Lanka – ODF Team, a new global operator of duty-free shops, has been awarded the contract to operate the duty-free shops in the Sri Lanka Port City development, one of the largest and most ambitious urban development projects in South Asia.

The Sri Lanka Port City, a flagship project of the Government of Sri Lanka, is a state-of-the-art city built on reclaimed land adjacent to the Colombo port. The development includes residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, as well as a modern marina and a duty-free shopping area.

ODF Team, which has operations in several major airports and seaports around the world, has been selected as the preferred bidder to operate the duty-free shops in the Port City development. The team will be responsible for managing and operating the duty-free shops, which will offer a wide range of luxury goods, including cosmetics, perfumes, electronics, and spirits.

"We are thrilled to have been selected as the duty-free operator for the Sri Lanka Port City development," said the CEO of ODF Team. "We are committed to providing a world-class shopping experience to visitors to the Port City, and we look forward to working closely with the Government of Sri Lanka and the local community to ensure that the duty-free shops are a key attraction in this exciting new development."

The duty-free shops in the Sri Lanka Port City are expected to open in June 2023 and are projected to generate significant revenue for the development. The Port City development is expected to attract billions of dollars in foreign investment and create thousands of jobs in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Port City is expected to become a major hub for trade and investment in South Asia, and the duty-free shops operated by ODF Team will be an important part of this new economic landscape. The opening of the shops is eagerly anticipated by both local residents and international visitors, who are looking forward to exploring the luxury shopping options available in the Port City.

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